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Secure and Protect your Discord server.

Cordfence is the ultimate companion for blocking VPN's, alt-accounts, and more from entering your Discord server.


Cordfence offers a wide range of features to secure your server, allowing you to take full-control over who can join and who cannot.

Block Bots

Stop automated accounts with bot-blocking feature.

Block Alt-Accounts

Prevent multiple accounts with account-blocking capability.

Block VPN's

Restrict access from virtual private networks.

Block Countries

Keep out unwanted users by blocking countries and IP addresses.

Verify Users

Ensure user authenticity with reliable verification process.

Fully Customizable

Tailor the system to your specific server needs.

For Always Free

Consider supporting Cordfence and unlock more features.

What's included in the FREE plan

  • Block Bots
  • Block Alt-Accounts
  • Block VPN's
  • Block Countries
  • Verify Users
  • Fully Customizable



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What's included in the SUPPORT plan

  • Everything from the Free plan
  • No Watermark
  • Custom Subdomain
  • Supporter Role
  • Custom Invite Page
  • Priority Support


Billed Monthly

You'll help to keep Cordfence running.

Frequently Asked Questions